Storage slot expansion ragnarok 2

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Those who have bought the title during the 2016 event will have the difference in Doubloons refunded to their temporary storage.

Ragnarok 2 - News - Patch Notes: September 14, 2015 Suffix Title: Swashbuckler: STR+80, INT+80, AGI+30, WILL+30, VIT+30 [Cost: 600 Shiny Doubloons] Ragnarok 2 - News - Patch Notes: August 24, 2015 - The Winkled Note doesn't disappear from player's inventory after finishing Quest: Look Who Went Back to the Scene: Part 2 Adventurer Rank Quest Requirements and Adventure Skills List Classification in Ragnarok M: Eternal love removes the barriers of a new adventure. You can release each rating with all the adventure skills. Overview EAthena Modification | PServeRO

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【国内正規品】 NIKE(ナイキ) サングラス NIKE 腕時計 GOLF X2 EV0870 リュック 100 ... 兵庫、神戸でoリング・樹脂製品・パッキン・オイルシール・ガスケットなどのシール材、各種ホース、ジャバラ、継手 ... Guild Warehouse - Ragnarök Wiki -

2 Ragnarok Online II; 3 See ... the same game account and has a maximum of 300 slots of ... modified to rely on storage expansion items that must be bought ...

Ragnarok 2 - News - Quest of Heroes Feb 05, 2015 · Ragnarok Online. Ragnarok Journey. Ragnarok Re:Start. DOT MMORPG Ragnarok. Quest of Heroes Event 2/9/2015 ~ 3/9/2015 . ... Storage Slot Expansion. Buff Item. Super Large Bag. Elite Membership Card. Character Name Change. Card Album (7 day) Complete the Hero Quest and receive: Hero Package.

In my opinion storage expansion and blueprint storage descriptions need more specific info, theres no anyPretty sure the blueprint expansion only gives you 1 slot. Have fun making that one multiple times.Just to give you some info I have recently bought the Storage Expansion and guess what..

ARK: Survival Evolved: NEW Ragnarok Expansion Map! - YouTube NEW Ark Ragnarok OFFICIAL Map Expansion! Journey through an expansive 144 sq. kilometer environment where elements from The Island, Scorched Earth, and all new biomes are combined to bring the ... 8 Balenos Storage Slot Expansion Coupon - Pearl Shop ... Permanently adds 8 slots to the storages in Balenos (Velia, Olvia). Slots will be applied to all characters in the server. (Maximum 192 slots) Guild Warehouse - Ragnarök Wiki - In addition, the system has an item log that documents what items have been deposited or withdrawn from the Guild Warehouse and by whom in the guild. The Guild Warehouse must be unlocked via the Guild Warehouse Expansion skill first before the guild can use it. Basic item capacity is 100 slots (max 500). Ragnarok Online II [edit | edit source]